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Tic, toc, tic … The most nail-biting show on TV has proven to be a worldwide hit. Jack Bauer, the racy detective, has now become a household name – as has the famous ticking countdown…

Are you an avid fan of Jack Bauer’s race to save the world? Kidnapped presidents, nuclear bombs, deadly viruses… can you remember every minute of those fateful 24 hours? Have you followed his team during what turned out to be the most stressful days of their lives?

Take the 24 quiz, and see how much you really know about this revolutionary show. A nail biting game: keep your eye on the timer!


Lost is one of the most exciting TV shows out there. The Island, the Others, the Dharma Initiative, or the Black Smoke Monster are just some of the many mysteries that make up this fascinating story. Do you believe you know everything there is to know about Locke? Are you a die-hard fan of Kate and Jack? What do you really think about Ben? Do you remember where Juliet comes from? Can you even recite all the famous numbers?


We all watch them! Eastenders, Corrie, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks . In this quiz we've got them all!

R-I-C-K-Y was often shouted by which unforgettable character that made a recent return to the Square? Do you know how many late night episodes of Hollyoaks have been made? Do you know which is longest running soap in the UK?




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