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EUKANUBA BELIEVE DOGS EVOLVED FROM CARNIVORES AND SHOULD BE FED ACCORDINGLY - That's why EUKANUBA use chicken as their principal source of protein, and not vegetable protein. It's how EUKANUBA believe nature intended dogs to eat.
See the difference Eukanuba can make to your puppy with one free trial bag.See the difference Eukanuba can make to your puppy with one free trial bag.

REGISTER NOW HERE to receive your voucher for a free trial pack and useful information on puppy care

Free sample of Go-Cat for Indoor Cats

Free sample of Go-Cat for Indoor CatsLogin or register with Go-Cat now to receive a completely FREE 50g sample of Go-Cat for Indoor Cats and a money-off voucher worth 50p off your next purchase. All you have to do is enter your usual email address and password to REGISTER NOW!

FREE PET FOOD SAMPLES - KITTEN CARE PACK. If you love the pitter-patter of four tiny feet, here's something else you are going to like the sound of - free pet food - free kitten stuff - WHISKAS Kitten Care Pack - Kitten Freebies.

In it you'll find some free kitten stuff - Free Pet Food Samples - WHISKAS Kitten Pouches, valuable money-off coupons and The Best Start in Life - your guide to everything you need to know about bringing up baby, from healthcare and nutrition to what to do in an emergency.

The guide has been written in partnership with Waltham , the world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition, and it's yours absolutely free - yes free pet food samples!

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