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Free Laptop Computer

Free Laptop Computer - Wireless router - Data allowance 60 GB - Connection speed Up to
24 Meg From January 2009 - Line rental included - Free connection - Free Global calls - Minimum contract term 2 years - Monthly charge LLU £29.99 - Monthly charge non-LLU £37.99

LLU Factsheet - What is Local Loop Unbundling? - Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) is the process where the incumbent operators (BT and Kingston in the UK) makes its local network (the copper cables that run from customers premises to the telephone exchange) available to other companies. Operators are then able to upgrade individual lines using DSL technology to offer services such as always on high speed Internet access, direct to the customer.

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The Utility Warehouse Discount Club BroadCall Laptop Option comes with a Free Laptop Computer, but there is also an upgrade option.

Free Laptop Computer - Standard Laptop - Price Free - Processor 1.8 GHz - Microsoft Vista Home Basic - Office suite Open office - Weight in kg 2.7 - RAM 1024 MB - CD/DVD writer drive - Hard drive 120GB

Free Laptop Computer - Upgrade option - £149.99 - Intel Intel Dual Core - Microsoft Vista Home Basic - Office suite Open office - Weight in kg 2.7 - RAM 2048 MB - CD/DVD writer drive - Hard drive 160 GB

An Internet Phone Line is just like a normal phone line in every way, except that it works through a broadband connection.

There's no engineer visit involved, no software to install, no extra hassle - just a little adaptor that you plug into your broadband router, and you're away!

It costs just £2 per month per line. You can have two extra lines if you like (you must decide when you sign up - we can not add an extra line later). Connection costs a one-off £50 whether you choose one line or two. This is much cheaper than a standard phone line from BT!

You can plug the adaptor into any broadband connection, anywhere in the world, and it works exactly as if you were at home - including the number (no international codes needed) and the cost of the calls (Home Phone Tariff and "Free Global Calls" apply as if you were in the UK)!

Calls are charged on our Home Phone tariff - and you benefit from our "Free Global Calls" in the usual way.



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