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Title: Elizabeth And Her German Garden
Author: Elizabeth von Arnim
Elizabeth and Her German Garden is a novel by Elizabeth von Arnim, first published in 1898; it was very popular and frequently reprinted during the early years of the 20th century.

The story is a year's diary written by the protagonist Elizabeth about her experiences learning gardening and interacting with her friends. It includes commentary on the beauty of nature and on society, but is primarily humorous due to Elizabeth's frequent mistakes and her idiosyncratic outlook on life.

She looked down upon the frivolous fashions of her time writing “I believe all needlework and dressmaking is of the devil, designed to keep women from study.”

The book is the first in a series about the same character. It is noteworthy for being published without a named author.

Title: Faraday As A Discoverer
Author: John Tyndall
Description: This free online book is a fascinating biography of the man who helped usher in the modern world by discovering the secrets of electricity.

Title: George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
Author: Webster Griffin Tarpley
Description: The thesis of this book is simple: if George Bush had been re-elected in November 1992 for a second term as the president of the United States, the USA and the rest of the world could have faced a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

Title: Long Walk To Freedom
Author: Nelson Mandela
Description: Nelson Mandela's Long Walk To Freedom began as scraps of paper, buried under the floor of his prison cell. He was incarcerated in South Africa for more than a quarter of a century, part of that time in the prison of Robben Island, about which he writes.

Title: Reconciliation Road
Author: John Douglas Marshall
Description: A Vietnam-era conscientious objector examines the tarnished reputation of his grandfather, a famous military historian.



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